Just like a romantic relationship, your social media page and your followers experience a close-knit bond that only you can sustain. The kind of content you put out would determine how long this relationship would last and to avoid having a failed relationship where your followers would blame themselves for following you in the first place, you need to seek out creative ways to keep them entertained to encourage more page visits and profile shares. Just like a relationship between two consenting adults, things have to be put in place for it to work and we have just the things you will need to put in place.

  1. Be Spontaneous: Despite the regular content you would be delivering to your followers, regularly spice things up to keep your followers interested and entertained. No relationship should be dwelling on monotony so spicing things up is highly necessary.
  2. Stick to the truth: No relationship can be built on lies so it is best to stick to the truth with your followers. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable to your followers in fact you become more relatable when your followers can relate with you and they believe you.
  3. Gifting: From the famous Davido lyric, “Love is sweet but when money enter love is sweeter”, every relationship thrives well when gifts are involved because it shows some form of appreciation. In this case, do not shy away from giveaways, promos, sales, etc. This would not only get you more followers but also ensure follower loyalty.
  4. Teasing: This is an essential feature of a relationship that makes the relationship more interesting. In this case, be ready to tease your followers before any major announcement or release. Let them crave and anticipate the announcement without getting the satisfaction of knowing exactly what it is you are up to.
  5. Get ready to entertain: Being able to make your partner laugh in a relationship makes the relationship that much more fun. The ability to engage your followers and make them laugh every now and then is essential to ensuring the longevity of the relationship. From funny videos to relatable memes to live videos, make sure to keep your followers entertained by all means possible.
  6. Keep your options open: When you are seeing someone and someone asks you what your name is, the answer should not be “I am in a relationship”, you need to open your mind to the possibility of other profitable relationships which do not necessarily have to be in any way against the one you are in. Flowing from this, it does not mean that because you already have an array of engaged and interactive followers that you should not explore the option of reaching out to an even larger target audience via sponsored ads.

Always remember that a thriving relationship constantly needs work so you need to be ready to utilize these steps to the maximum. If after trying these few steps, the relationship is still not working then it is time you call the relationship experts and engagement therapists, “Rage Media” or “Kweek Social” to sort you out. We have got you!

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