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How to Avoid Follower Breakups and Increase Page Visits.

Just like a romantic relationship, your social media page and your followers experience a close-knit bond that only you can sustain. The kind of content you put out would determine how long this relationship would last and to avoid having a failed relationship where your followers would blame themselves for following you in the first place, you need to seek out creative ways to keep them entertained to encourage more page visits and profile shares. Just like a relationship between two consenting adults, things have to be put in place for it to work and we have just the things you will need to put in place.

  1. Be Spontaneous: Despite the regular content you would be delivering to your followers, regularly spice things up to keep your followers interested and entertained. No relationship should be dwelling on monotony so spicing things up is highly necessary.
  2. Stick to the truth: No relationship can be built on lies so it is best to stick to the truth with your followers. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable to your followers in fact you become more relatable when your followers can relate with you and they believe you.
  3. Gifting: From the famous Davido lyric, “Love is sweet but when money enter love is sweeter”, every relationship thrives well when gifts are involved because it shows some form of appreciation. In this case, do not shy away from giveaways, promos, sales, etc. This would not only get you more followers but also ensure follower loyalty.
  4. Teasing: This is an essential feature of a relationship that makes the relationship more interesting. In this case, be ready to tease your followers before any major announcement or release. Let them crave and anticipate the announcement without getting the satisfaction of knowing exactly what it is you are up to.
  5. Get ready to entertain: Being able to make your partner laugh in a relationship makes the relationship that much more fun. The ability to engage your followers and make them laugh every now and then is essential to ensuring the longevity of the relationship. From funny videos to relatable memes to live videos, make sure to keep your followers entertained by all means possible.
  6. Keep your options open: When you are seeing someone and someone asks you what your name is, the answer should not be “I am in a relationship”, you need to open your mind to the possibility of other profitable relationships which do not necessarily have to be in any way against the one you are in. Flowing from this, it does not mean that because you already have an array of engaged and interactive followers that you should not explore the option of reaching out to an even larger target audience via sponsored ads.

Always remember that a thriving relationship constantly needs work so you need to be ready to utilize these steps to the maximum. If after trying these few steps, the relationship is still not working then it is time you call the relationship experts and engagement therapists, “Rage Media” or “Kweek Social” to sort you out. We have got you!


Life is a game of perception. We move through it based on formed notions, acquired values and views. Perceptions are our individualized reality, a form of imagination about a thing, living elements, a subject or even a process through which our mind creates its own virtual reality.

Perception is formed based on what we see, what we hear, what we have been through and ultimately a result of our overall experiences. Perception, influences in no small measure how we see the world.

We have listed 3 things that you probably do not pay attention to but actively molds your outlook on life;


Have you ever caught yourself judging someone based on their taste in music? Of course, you have!

What you hear as well as your choice of music has a great influence on our personality and how you perceive the world. Music can help you relax, reduce pain, serve as a coping mechanism, improve your performance, ultimately music makes you feel good, and in the end, that’s worth a lot.

So, your taste in music does not only say a lot about you, it provides a myriad of ways to make your life better.

Phobia’s are formed from experiences. You are ordinarily not scared of height, blood, needles or even flying cockroaches. You taught yourself to BE. Fear is part instinct, part learned and part taught. Some fears are instinctive owing to their implications on
survival. Our fears go a long way in determining what we choose to and not to do, thus ultimately influencing how we relate with the world. The more scared you feel the scarier things will seem. Fearlessness is not the absence of fear, it is learning how to leverage it. You learnt your fear, you can unlearn it!


Many liken the eye to a camera, and this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Unlike the eye, with a camera, light comes in, bounces around on lenses and mirrors and such, after which an image is registered. The eye on the other hand, is only capable of
registering a small fraction of what you see in focus at any given time. Simply put, the eye focuses on what it needs to, and our brain fills in the rest based on things the eye has recently seen.

These predictions are often quite accurate. But sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes our brain messes this up pretty badly. This is essentially how most optical illusions work, our brain trying to build its own picture of a scene based on its imbibed notion about how the world works, utterly shriveling its job of accurately displaying what’s in front of us. Nothing is ever as really as it seems, your eyes might just be pulling one on you.


Ultimately, we tend to relate with things, products and people based on how they are presented, we decide in one split second whether we like or do not like a thing, person, product or project based on how we see and perceive them. Let’s us help your brand make the most of that split second.

For all the brand communication expertise, you might need send us a mail via
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NEC Corporation, a Japanese multinational provider of information and technology has recently announced that it will provide a large-scale facial recognition system for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The system will be used to identify over 300,000 people at the games, including athletes, volunteers, media, and other staff. It’s the first time that facial recognition technology will be used for this purpose at an Olympic Games.


NEC’s system is built around an AI engine called NeoFace, which is part of the company’s overarching Bio-Idiom line of biometric authentication technology. The Tokyo 2020 implementation will involve linking photo data with an IC card to be carried by accredited people. NEC says that it has the world’s leading face recognition tech based on benchmark tests from the US’s National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Tokyo 2020 presents new security challenges that will require speedy identification. Unlike many previous games, Tokyo 2020 won’t have a single Olympic park where people can move freely between several venues and facilities; instead, events will be spread out across the metropolitan area, and people will need to authenticate themselves at each.

NEC and the organizers’ goal is for the facial recognition system to speed this process up as much as possible. The dangers associated with long wait times in oppressive summer heat are also a concern. The games get underway on July 24th, 2020, and if temperatures match what Japan has experienced in the past couple of weeks, it’ll be the hottest Olympics in more than a

NEC demonstrated the technology in Tokyo today, showing how athletes and other staff wouldn’t be able to enter venues if they were holding someone else’s IC card. The company even brought out a six-foot-eight former Olympic volleyball player to demonstrate that the system would work with people of all heights, though he certainly had to stoop a bit. It worked
smoothly with multiple people moving through it quickly; the screen displayed the IC card holder’s photo almost immediately after.

NEC has robust experience in this field, but as familiarity with face recognition technology grows worldwide, Tokyo 2020 could be its highest-profile test yet.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization otherwise known as S.E.O is the conscious effort to increase visibility for your website by appearing on the top of search engine result  ages like Google. In simpler terms, it means that there are some things you can do to make sure your website appears first when someone googles something in relation with your brand or business or company. If you still
haven’t figured out why this would be important to you, keep reading.

One of the worst feelings to encounter asides from coming second in the Olympics is having your hard work appear on the second page of google which people hardly ever visit which is one of the many reasons why search engine optimization is highly important to anyone who owns a website. As a viable marketing outlet, optimizing search engines brings organic traffic to your
website and helps to grow your business. The thing about search engines is that they provide the searcher with the relevant information they require and if your website happens to fall in that category, it will always appear at the top of the search list and the searcher would always click on the first few websites because he/she believes that the websites will have the information they require. With search engine optimization, you get more brand awareness for your website because the more people come in contact with your website from search results, it begins to register with their subconscious, they begin to bookmark the site and even tell their family and friends about it. As a brand, you need to realize that people naturally trust search engines and when in doubt the next best thing is to locate a search engine so optimizing a search engine would ensure that your brand gets noticed by the people that are hungry for information. Your competition is doing it so why aren’t you? Search engines provide an equal playing field for competing brands to coexist but to be able to appear above your competition in a search result, you need to adopt an effective S.E.O strategy which would ensure you get more visitors than your competition.

These are a few of the many benefits of optimizing search engines but you still have to realize that you might optimize search engines but still not get the desired traffic or visitors if your website lacks relevancy, quality content, optimum user experience, good site speed and cross device compatibility. For a brand to maintain search engine optimization and reap the benefits, the content of the website needs to be top notch and relevant to everything the searcher would need and this is where the quote “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first” by Wendy Piersall plays a huge role. If you own a website
that people love to engage with because of the amazing content you share, it will definitely appear at the top of search results because the algorithm believes that your content is what people would like to see. The website has to provide optimum user experience and incredible site speed to ensure that the website remains at the top of the search results and finally the website should be able to open on any device browser to remain at the top of search results. With these few points, we hope we have been able to convince you to begin search engine optimization for your brand because the benefits are countless and essential for the growth of your brand.

Five Reasons to switch to a Business Account on Instagram

Instagram introduced the business account features a while back and while there are numerous benefits to this switch, many business owners haven’t made use of this feature. An Instagram business profile gives you access to more features and it’s advisable for everyone to have an Instagram Business profile even if you’re not actually a business.

With 25 million active Instagram business profiles, now is the time to make the switch if you are yet to do so.

Some of the benefits that come with switching to a business profile are as follows;

It Legitimizes Your Business
With the rate at which business profiles have been embraced, users expect companies to provide all the relevant information they’re looking for on their brand profiles. If your bio doesn’t inform the public on your services in an official capacity, you’re simply not maximizing the tools at your disposition.

Showcasing your brand profile by way of an Instagram business account is the optimal way to legitimize your business. Before Instagram business profiles were rolled out, the only way followers could engage with a business outside of Instagram was to click the website link in your profile.

Today, there are contact buttons on Instagram profiles with provide the call, email, location or visit website options which in turn make products and services accessible to consumers.

Access to Analtytics
Instagram includes a great and useful list of Insights that will help you analyse and understand your followers. Starting with demographics, impressions, post reach, popular posts, and ending with the days of the week and times of the day most of your followers are active and online.
You will discover that sometimes the content does not work, but other times it’s all about good timing. If you want maximum reach and engagement, post constantly and post at the right time.

It makes Ad Creation Easier
The Instagram Business Account makes ad creation a lot easier. Without a business account, you have to run your Instagram ads only through the Ad Manager on Facebook, with no possibility of boosting an existing Instagram post.

However, after upgrading to the Instagram Business Account, a “Promote” button appears under each of your images. From there, you can choose a Call to Action button, set your budgets and time frames for your ad.

Direct Link to Facebook
With a Business Profile, you can directly link your Facebook business page with your Instagram account. This allows you to share your Instagram post directly to your Facebook business page. Your Instagram profile also automatically imports what category your Facebook business page is.

One limitation here is that when you link your account to your Facebook page it is then only possible to share a post to that Facebook business page. If you later wish to share a post to other Facebook pages or your own Facebook profile you will need to convert your account back to a personal account.

Choose the business profile to get noticed in the Instagram feed
Instagram’s new algorithm is changing how and when users see the content you post. Upgrading your Instagram account to a business profile can help you beat the odds. On accessing the Insights tools to find out what content is working for you, what content to create in the future, and when to share it ensures you are seen and get engagement.

Promoting one of your best-performing posts with the ads tools to get your content in front of more people is another way to boost engagement. By promoting your posts, you’ll increase engagement and followers, and these users may be more likely to interact with and purchase from your business directly with the new contact button on your business account.

To switch to a business account:

1. Open your Instagram app
2. Access your Settings from the top right corner.
3. On your Settings page, under Account, find the option “Switch to Business Profile” and Tap on it. Instagram will quickly take you through a carousel of features you’ll get access to once you switch to a business profile. You can flip through the features or continue the switching process.
4. Connect to your Facebook business page. This is when Instagram will automatically pull information from your Facebook Page (type of business, contact info, etc).
5. Choose which type of contact information you want to use with your Contact button.

Right after this, you’re done! Congratulations, you just switched to an Instagram Business Proile. 😊